Biden’s Tax Plan Is A “Raw New Deal” For Retirees. Here’s Why...….

Joe Biden has a long history of screwing over retirees.

It started in higher 1983, when he voted to slap income taxes on 50% of Social Security income, income that had previously been tax-free. 

In  1994, he voted to up the amount of Social Security benefits subject to taxation, to 85%. 

In 2000, he turned his attention to estate taxes, voting AGAINST he voted to up the amount of Social Security benefits subject to taxation, to 85%the Estate Tax Elimination Act that would have phased out certain estate taxes by 2010. 

Now, he wants to raise over $3.3 TRILLION in taxes...

And he’s got his eye on America’s nest eggs…

His plan?

He  wants to expand estate taxes and “equalize” benefits across tax brackets

Now that word “equalize”...

It’s not the same as “fair”...

“Equalize” means some will come out ahead… while others will end up with less.

What will happen to you?

What will you LET happen to you?

It’s worth considering.

Are you prepared to accept the worst… the potential for higher taxes, fewer benefits, less money overall for yourself…

Or do you want to do something about it -- BEFORE Joe Biden changes the tax laws?

 Right now -- but potentially not for much longer -- there’s a unique IRS loophole that could protect your IRA, 401(k), pension, TSP, or savings account from Joe Biden’s “Raw New Deal”. 

You could protect your money 100% tax- and penalty-free, too. For now. 


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But you’ll want to act fast. Joe Biden has a lot of plans for his first term in office.

Don’t let his plans ruin yours…

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